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Meet My Family

Updated: Sep 2

Here in Austin, I have my extremely supportive mothers and brother. My wonderful moms, Jennifer and Wilmonda, have been together for 15 years, and married for 5. Working at the Texas School for the Deaf, and being deaf, they have raised me deep within their community, showing me the importance of diversity in the world. Though many take pity on our family, we have lived the most amazing life here in Austin. Their gift has only given us love and compassion throughout the years, and I wouldn't change a single thing.

My brother Dante and I, are like any siblings. We used to fight, yell, and annoy our moms everyday. Despite our old battles, he will always be my brother and I will be his biggest fan for the rest of time. Our similarities are often very limited, making our interactions even better. I learn so much from him, and watching him grow up has been the best thing in the world.

Outside of Austin, my father supports me everyday. Though he is not always in town, he is always in my heart! He texts me, FaceTimes me, and is always cheering from the sideline from anywhere.

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