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Homelessness in Austin

Homelessness isn’t just a government issue, it is a community issue. It is up to us to help end homelessness in Austin! Here are descriptions and links to a variety of homelessness campaigns and agencies in your community that you can support:

1. Ending Community Homelessness Coalition (ECHO)

They are the leading homelessness agency in Austin-Travis County. They also distribute items to other organizations with homelessness campaigns. Besides cash donations, here are some easy and affordable items that you can donate:

  • hand sanitizer, wet wipes

  • packaged tissues

  • protein bars

  • socks

  • masks

  • protective gear for clinicians

2. Integral Care

They provide an outreach program to homeless people and distribute hygiene kits. They accept donations of:

  • hand sanitizer

  • Bar or liquid soap

  • Toothbrush/toothpaste

  • Packaged tissues

  • Bottled water

  • Protein/granola bars

  • gallon-size reusable, sealable plastic bags for the kits

3. The Salvation Army!/donation/checkout

This nation-wide organization has three shelters in Austin. They take donations of:

  • hand sanitizer

  • sanitizing wipes

  • disinfecting spray

  • toilet paper

Items can be shipped or delivered in-person to the Salvation Army Austin’s administration office at 4700 Manor Road, Austin, TX 78723

4. Caritas of Austin

They provide financial assistance, workforce training, and access to healthy food for homeless people. They ask for donations of non-perishable food items for pantry as well as hand sanitizer

Donations will be accepted at 611 Neches St, Austin, TX 78701 or you can call 512-479-4610

5. The Other Ones Foundation

They help connect homeless people with work opportunities. While they primarily takes monetary donations, they also take hygienic products like hand sanitizer.

Items can be delivered between 9 to 5 on weekdays at 7815 Highway 290 W, Austin, TX 78736.

6. LifeWorks

They help youth experiencing homelessness in Austin. They accept donations of: • throw blankets • hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes or alcohol swabs • disposable gloves • paper towels •packaged tissue • antibacterial soap • forehead thermometers • grocery store gift cards

Deliveries are accepted on weekdays from 11am-1pm at 835 N. Pleasant Valley Road

Here are a list of additional homelessness organizations:

  1. Angel House (

  2. Street Youth Ministry (

  3. Family Eldercare (

  4. Foundation for the Homeless (

  5. Casa Marianella and Posada Esperanza ( or email

  6. SAFE Austin (

  7. Sunrise Homeless Navigation Center (

  8. Mobile Loaves and Fishes (!/donation/checkout)

  9. Saint Louise House (

Written by Sumner Hill

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