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Habitat for Humanity and Housing Development

Updated: Jun 10

Habitat Against Humanity has been one of the main forces pushing back against skyrocketing housing prices in the city of Austin. Consistently fighting against old housing codes, failed drafts, and other setbacks, they've been working on building affordable housing projects so that Austin can remain a city for everyone.

What Austin Needs for Housing

Austin faces changing times. If not approached carefully, Austin will lose the charm that brought thousands to this city. No longer will it serve as one of the shining beacons in Texas. Within housing, Austin can maintain its reputation with three basic steps:

1. Update Our Development Code

Our current code is based off old Urban Sprawl plans and is based out of the 1980's. This code is not built to handle current issues of extreme population growth, density, and demand. More Multi-family development would allow for more individuals to enjoy Austin, and make this city the perfect place for raising a family. Drafts have been made and rejected many times. Now it is time to update, before we fall any deeper.

2. Increase Transportation

Fortunately, Austin has already started investment into public transportation. Though this is a good first step, we must insure we continue this investment so that these new housing developments can be anywhere and everywhere in Austin. Better transportation brings easier commutes, lighter traffic, and reduced emissions. We can trade massive highway and road project for more small businesses and public projects.

3. Investing into the People of Austin

Many of our teachers and other AISD employees live outside of Austin limits. They drive past other districts that provide similar or better wages, higher benefits, and lower costs of living. AISD, known for high quality programs and staff, soon will lose this distinction. AISD is not the only government department that faces this issue. A property-rich city must consider using its wealth to provide cheaper housing development. Without our public services, this city will fall apart. This also applies to the people of Austin. Our seniors, disabled, and any other who would largely benefit from Austin's assistance.

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