I was raised and educated in South Austin at James Bowie High School. I have two wonderful mothers and an amazing father who is an immigrant from the Philippines, all of whom are deaf and taught me ASL. I’m a renter here in Austin, sharing a two-bathroom duplex with four roommates. I work three part-time jobs, as well as a legislative internship at the Texas State Capitol. Additionally, I'm studying Government and History at UT Austin. I have researched legislation, constitution creation, and party demographics on both local and national levels. Many of these issues often compare to what we see in Austin today, both in legal affairs and demographic changes. My work at the Texas Capitol allows me to keep an eye on the state and city-wide issues across multiple departments. Combined with my City Council attendance, I stay informed of the whirlwind of changes that Austin faces. Through my experiences, I have quickly and efficiently built my knowledge and understanding of politics, allowing me to skillfully tackle any conflicts that arise.


We will no longer be a city represented by out of touch millionaires who pretend to understand the real struggles of the people living and working in Austin. 

I recognize the frustration people feel over increasing rent prices because I face the high rents of this city myself. I know from experience how difficult it can be to make ends meet and the sacrifices it can require. I am working overtime at three jobs and one unpaid internship, while living with four guys in a two bathroom duplex. 

I endure the unreliable capital metro bus services. While at UT, I would take the bus home to South Austin. If I was leaving UT at 3:00, I’d get home at 6. If I was late to the bus by a couple of minutes, I could be getting home at 8 or later. I know people getting off of work at 5 or 6pm are struggling with these same issues. 

I know how it feels to be constantly disappointed by the Austin government and its' status quo because I actually live under it. When we had the freeze two winters ago, the government scrambled as families across Austin struggled to survive. I took my four by four and drove people to grocery stores to get supplies for their families, helped people get back to their homes, or took them to places with running water and electricity if they had none. When Steve Adler told Austin residents to stay home during Covid, then flew on a private jet to Cancun for a wedding which extended into a vacation in Cabo, I felt as betrayed and fed up with this two faced system as any other Austinite. 

I am running to represent the real people of this city as a born and raised Austinite myself. 

I endure the same struggles as you do and I am motivated to solve them.

I strive to be the new face of Austin Politics.


Preparing Austin for the Future

With Austin approaching 1 million citizens, and the metro area approaching 2.5 million, the city has failed to prepare and keep up with this dramatic growth. In order to keep our city thriving and successful, our departments and resources need to be focused on meeting these future needs. We cannot have our first responders consistently working overtime, we cannot have choked highways and failing public transportation in all parts of our city, and we cannot sit back.


Texas has many other role model cities to learn from, and Austin simply must look.

However, with this preparation, we also must not sacrifice the culture of our city. Small businesses have disappeared due to skyrocketing prices. Austin's green spaces seem to be disappearing. In the next 10 years, Austin will no longer be the city we love. Though Austin must be ready for the future, we must also #KeepAustinWeird.